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With a brand heritage spanning more than 200 years, Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s portfolio includes more than 50 brands and hundreds of flavors of carbonated soft drinks, juices, teas, mixers, waters and other beverages. Explore our fun and flavorful world.

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The Seven-Up Company's roots go back to 1920, when C. L. Grigg set himself to create a distinctive soft drink that would prove irresistible to the nation's consumers.

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Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is the oldest major soft drink in the United States. It is a "native Texan" originating at Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store in the town of Waco in 1885.

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It all started in the Greenwich Village area of New York in 1972. Childhood friends Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden and Arnold Greenburg saw more potential in fruit than just something to throw in the lunchroom.

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Introduced on June 20, 1919, Roy Allen's root beer grew along with America's drive-ins and car culture to become one of America's great classics

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Mott's exploded onto the national scene at the Philadelphia Centennial of 1842, where S.R. Mott entered his apple cider and vinegar. So enthusiastically were his products received that he received a first prize for their quality.

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Canada Dry

Created by Canadian pharmacist and chemist John McLaughlin, Canada Dry gained much of its popularity during Prohibition as a mixer. Its sweet flavor was the perfect mask for the home-brewed liquor that was common at the time.

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Hawaiian Punch

Riding the wave of more than 60 years of fruit punch fun, Hawaiian Punch has become the gold standard of fruit punch drinks.

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Sun Drop

The Fabulous '50s brought an age of fun and discovery, as well
as an entirely new citrus-flavored soft drink called Sun Drop from
beverage concentrate salesman Charles Lazier.

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It all started more than a hundred years ago, when citrus growers in California and Arizona instituted the Sunkist trademark as a mark of freshness and premium flavor.

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