DPS team members are driven by our vision to Be the Best Beverage Business in the Americas. We are dynamic and aggressive, pursuing our goals to grow sales and continuously improve through teamwork, innovation, precise execution and great customer relationships.

Every day, our employees are taking ACTION to do what it takes to win a changing market. That means we are:

  • Accountable: We say what we're going to do and we do what we say.
  • Customer-centric: We focus on customers' and consumers' needs.
  • Transparent and honest: We share knowledge and information openly and operate with no hidden agendas.
  • Inspect what we expect: We define our expectations and inspect our progress and results.
  • Own our decisions: We boldly and courageously make decisions based on facts and input.
  • No blame fixing: We spend our time finding solutions, not placing blame.

We established our Call to ACTION when we went public in 2008 to unify our employees behind our vision and purpose. Our Call to ACTION comprises a set of business drivers and behaviors that define who we are and how we do business and forms the backbone of a multiyear series of initiatives that creates a new way of working, delivering consistently outstanding business results. We then added the tenets of rapid continuous improvement, ensuring that when we take action, we do through change that is rapid, breakthrough and employee-led.

Our Call to Breakthrough ACTION is embedded within the business through a day-long training course designed to educate new employees on every aspect of our business, from the innovation pipeline to our route to market. Speakers from around the business participate in each session, giving employees a firsthand account of their portions of the business and helping them understand how their roles contribute to the success of the company.