By 2015, DPS will:

  • Contribute a total of 100,000 volunteer hours and attain an annual giving level of $10 million in charitable cash donations, with the majority of support focused on fit and active lifestyles, environmental sustainability, emergency relief and hometown giving.

The communities where we operate have supported our success over the years and we believe the best way to show our appreciation is by doing good things in return.

Last year, DPS contributed more than $10.6 million in cash and $2.8 million in product donations to support our philanthropy goals, surpassing our 2015 goal. Our employees also took the initiative to do good things with flavor locally by providing more than 17,700 volunteer hours, bringing our cumulative total since 2010 to 97,700 hours, just shy of our 2015 goal. 

In 2013, our good work was recognized when DPS was named to the Civic 50 for the second consecutive year. This places DPS among the top 50 S&P 500 companies that best use their time, talent and resources to improve the quality of life where they do business.

DPS’s ACTION Nation platform plays an instrumental part in how we foster physically active, engaged and sustainable communities where our employees, customers and consumers live and work. We focus the majority of our philanthropic activities and volunteerism in four key areas: 

To find out more about philanthropic programs, financial donations, volunteerism and cause-related marketing, read our 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.