Environmental Sustainability

By 2015, DPS will:

  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 from emissions in manufacturing by 10% per gallon of finished product.
  • Increase product shipments per gallon of fuel used by 20%.
  • Replace 60,000 vending machines and coolers with Energy Star-rated equipment that is approximately 30% more energy-efficient.
  • Reduce manufacturing water use and wastewater discharge by 10% per gallon of finished product.
  • Recycle 90% of manufacturing solid waste.
  • Conserve more than 60 million pounds of plastic through PET package lightweighting and redesigns and increased use of recycled PET.


Dr Pepper Snapple Group has made a strong commitment to environmental stewardship on every level of our business. Creating and distributing such a wide portfolio of brands from our locations across North America gives us an opportunity to make a real difference.

Over the past five years, the company has invested resources into aligning and integrating our operations to serve our customers and consumers more efficiently and consequently reducing our energy and fuel consumption per unit of production.

At the same time, we have pursued a multitiered approach to reducing waste by ramping up recycling, developing innovative packaging solutions and collaborating with the industry on the Full Circle Recycling Initiative.

Water conservation has also been one of our primary concerns, and in 2008 we began tracking our consumption and waste water discharge to help us measure the success of our ongoing production and facility improvements.

In our first sustainability report in 2010, we set big goals in a number of categories – fuel conservation, energy consumption, recycling, reducing waste with innovative packaging, water conservation, and creating sustainable processes in all our manufacturing locations. Read the 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Update to see how we’re progressing against our goals and to get a glimpse at our plans for the future.