Ethical Sourcing

By 2015, DPS will:

  • Conduct a regular risk assessment of our supply base and audit any high-risk suppliers identified to ensure full compliance with our Ethical Sourcing Code of Conduct.


At DPS, we owe the quality, strength and integrity of our company and brands largely to the people who support our business. This includes our 19,000 employees across North America and the Caribbean as well as the people working for companies around the world who supply us with the materials, ingredients, resources and equipment that bring our brands to life.

Now more than ever, beverage consumers are holding products to a higher standard. Not only do they base their purchasing decisions on whether beverages are safe and of the highest quality, but increasingly, they’re also focused on whether the ingredients and packaging materials are ethically sourced.

DPS is committed to inspecting what we expect of our suppliers. We ensure our brands are produced at high standards of quality and safety throughout our supply chain and are committed to using suppliers that operate in a way that provides safe working conditions, dignity and respect for their employees. We seek commitment to our Ethical Sourcing Code of Conduct and require our suppliers to adhere to this code or participate in the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.

Read our 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Update for more information about how we are ensuring that our suppliers are living up to the same standards we apply to ourselves.