By 2015, DPS will:

  • Continue to provide a full range of products, with at least 50% of innovation projects in the pipeline focused on reducing calories, offering smaller sizes and improving nutrition.
  • Support local and/or national programs that encourage active lifestyles and fitness.

DPS is proud to boast one of the broadest, most diverse brand portfolios in the beverage industry, with more than 50 brands and literally hundreds of flavors, including soft drinks, juices, juice drinks, teas, applesauce, mixers and other premium beverages. 

We’re pleased that in 2012 we exceeded our goal to have 50 percent of our innovation pipeline dedicated to health and wellness, with a full 55 percent of the pipeline focused on reducing calories, offering smaller sizes and improving nutrition. At DPS, we firmly believe consumers have the right to make beverage choices that fit their lifestyles. This is why our portfolio offers everything from full-flavored beverages to reduced or low-calorie options, packaging that supports portion control, as well as options beyond the beverage aisle through our licensed products. All told, we’re committed to delivering a variety of options to help meet the ever-changing demands of our consumers and ensure they can enjoy the products that are right for them.

As obesity continues to be a serious health concern, DPS is taking ACTION to be part of the solution by providing programs and resources designed to help consumers balance both the calories consumed with the energy expended on physical activity. We’re providing calorie information on our packaging and vending machine selection buttons to assist consumers in making the best decisions for their families. We’ve also established partnerships to support fit and active lifestyles in communities nationwide and worked with industry, government and non-governmental organizations, communities and schools to help educate consumers about the importance of balancing calories in and calories out. 

In addition, we are working both independently and with the larger beverage industry to establish and adhere to policies on responsible sales and marketing. For example, DPS has a longstanding commitment to not market our brands in venues or media where the primary audience is children under 12. These commitments provide the framework for a holistic approach to consumer health and wellness at DPS centered on balancing calories in with calories out as well as consumer awareness.

To find out more about DPS's support of fit and active lifestyles, read our 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility report update.