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The time was 1938 and America was facing the Great Depression. Herb Bishop created a new carbonated drink based on Citrus Club, a regionally popular noncarbonated soft drink.


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A Face for a Name

A Face for a Name

Bishop and his partner Ed Mehren understood the need for promotion and advertising to compete in the soft drink marketplace. In 1941, they created a likable character and named him "Little Squirt" to personify the brand. The appeal of "Little Squirt" was immediate, and Bishop subsequently broadened the brand's attraction to consumers and trade alike.


This creation required less fruit and less sugar. In Bishop's opinion, it was the freshest, most exciting taste in the marketplace. He named it Squirt.

With unique advertising, Squirt became a popular soft drink in many parts of the country. In addition to being a well-liked soft drink, Squirt established itself as a mixer in the 1950s.

In 1977, Brooks Products, a bottler in Holland, Michigan, purchased Squirt from Bishop. Brooks reformulated Squirt and Diet Squirt, updated Squirt's logo and repositioned it as a mainstream soft drink.

Squirt was acquired by A&W Beverages, Inc. in 1986. A&W made a commitment to support Squirt with outstanding advertising, marketing, service and innovation. Under A&W's leadership, Squirt became one of the fastest-growing soft drinks in America.

Through careful repositioning as a superior thirst-quenching soft drink, and the addition of contemporary packaging graphics, Squirt has shown dramatic sales growth since 1987.

Today, the Squirt brand is part of Plano, Texas-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group, an integrated refreshment beverage business, marketing more than 50 beverage brands throughout North America.

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