Our operations are based in North America and the Caribbean, but we have suppliers around the world. We recognize that the integrity of our partners influences the integrity of DPS. Doing the right thing means ensuring that the companies we work with do, too.

We also know that our consumers are paying attention. Not only do they base their purchasing decisions on whether beverages are safe and of the highest quality, but increasingly, they’re also concerned about whether the ingredients and packaging materials are ethically sourced.

We use a third-party risk assessment tool to evaluate our supply base, segmenting our direct suppliers into low-, medium- and high-risk categories. This helps define the DPS road map for ethical sourcing. 

Our risk assessment process includes a quantitative evaluation of each supplier’s performance on key third-party indices, including the United Nations Human Development Index, the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom and the Labor Rights Index of the International Labour Association.

Read the 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report to see how we’re progressing against our goals and to get a glimpse at our plans for the future.