2017: We Do Good Things With Flavor

At DPS, we’re an organization focused on operating responsibly and supporting worthy organizations, causes and initiatives that improve lives as well as create lasting legacies in our communities. Through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, we hold ourselves accountable to continually improve the way we operate, ensuring that everything we do to produce, market and distribute our brands is sustainable and done in the best interest of the environment as well as our stakeholders.
Download the PDF of our 2017 CSR Report.

2015: We Do Good Things With Flavor (Update)

2015 We Do Good Things With Flavor UpdateDPS is more committed than ever to Be the Best Beverage Business in the Americas. Our ACTION behaviors remain at the heart of our company, and combined with our rapid continuous improvement mindset they have allowed us to make great strides and position ourselves well for the future. We have made progress in each of our focus areas – achieving many of our goals. Our efforts so far have helped us establish a new baseline as we set new, higher bars to achieve, and we continue to find the strategies and tactics to break through and meet our objectives.
Download the PDF of our 2015 CSR Report.

2014: We Do Good Things With Flavor

2014 We Do Good Things With FlavorThe mark of a great business is not how you perform during the easy times, but how you deliver results when things are difficult. From the start, DPS has been an organization focused on our business, our people and our communities. There’s no question that putting 2015 CSR goals and viable processes in place to hold ourselves accountable for operating responsibly has been valuable. In doing so, we’ve continuously improved every aspect of our business, using sustainability to support our efforts and we’ve developed brands and have deliver shareholder value that reflect that commitment.
Download the PDF of our 2014 CSR Report.

2013: We Do Good Things with Flavor (Update)

2013 We Do Good Things with Flavor UpdateWe operate upon a simple principle: Say what you’re going to do, and do what you say. This year, we celebrate our five-year anniversary as a publicly traded company and as  our business continues to grow we understand that the choices we make every day affect the health of our communities and environment. For this reason, corporate social responsibility at DPS is about taking ACTION to ensure our choices leave a positive impact on our hometowns, workforce, shareholders, customers and natural resources.
Read our 2013 CSR Update to see how we’ve held ourselves accountable for being good corporate stewards.
Download the PDF of our 2013 CSR Report.

2012: We Do Good Things with Flavor

2012 We Do Good Things with FlavorWe do good things with flavor, which is about much more than just “doing the right thing.” It means operating responsibly, minimizing our environmental impact and having a positive influence on society. Read our 2012 CSR Report or visit our CSR website to see how we're doing good things with flavor.
Download the PDF of our 2012 CSR Report.

2011: Sustainability in ACTION (Update)

2011 Sustainability in ACTION UpdateWe understand that an investment in sustainability is an investment in our business. Read our 2011 CSR Update to see the progress we've made against our goals since the release of our inaugural report.
Download the PDF of our 2011 CSR Report.

2010: Sustainability in ACTION

2010 Sustainability in ACTIONWe are guided by a culture centered on ACTION. It reflects our values and behaviors as a manufacturer, marketer, employer and neighbor. With the scale and size of our business, our reach is simply too great for us not to operate with a sharp focus on corporate social responsibility. And as we strive for continuous improvement as a corporate citizen, we’re putting Sustainability in ACTION. Read our inaugural CSR Report, released in 2010.
Download the PDF of our 2010 CSR Report.